Nutrition at Saint-Laurent

Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand

At Studio Pilates Bois-Franc, we care about the health of our clients. We beleive that regular physical activity combined with a healthy and varied diet promotes better health. That’s why we offer our clients the services of registered dietitians who are members of the Order of Dietitians of Quebec. They will be available to meet you in private consultation to evaluate your needs and to propose you an adapted nutritional plan. Just make an appointment!

Our Nutritionists

Sandra Morales, Dt. P.

Sandra is passionate about nutrition and disease prevention through a healthy eating. Sandra has several years of experience in the fields of sports nutrition, health promotion and weight management.

She has practiced in clinical fields, particularly with aging hospital clients, as a speaker for athletes, not to mention as a research assistant at the Montreal Heart Institute CENTER EPIC, to name a few. Sandra is a member of the Professional Order of Nutritionists of Quebec and can issue receipts for your private insurance.