Massage Therapy  in Saint-Laurent

Whether for relaxation, therapeutic, sports preparation, or for pregnant women, our massage therapists are all graduates and members of a recognized professional association.

Insurance receipts are available from your therapist.

Our massages

Swedish (for relaxation)

Relaxation! It is a pleasure, a reward that you give to yourself, a moment of well-being and appeasement.

Swedish massage is what you need if you want to get rid of stress, anxiety, tension, nervousness, and fatigue.

It is first of all a massage that tones and relaxes the muscles. It also promotes blood and lymphatic circulation as well as the elimination of toxins. The therapist will adapt the rhythm and depth of the maneuvers according to the needs of the patient.

Swedish massage relaxes the body as well as the mind. Particularly soothing, it is appreciated for its ability to reduce the effects of stress on the body.

Moreover, a firmer and more vigorous massage is ideal for releasing muscle tension. Likewise, this technique relieves pain caused by poor posture, repetitive movements, or a sports injury. It then provides relaxation, tone, and flexibility to the body. (Excerpt from Mon Réseau)


Therapeutic (deep tissue)

If you need a cure or relief for joint pain or muscle tension, therapeutic massage is the way to go. It is not a luxury but more often a necessity. Ideal for promoting healing and shortening recovery time, especially following exercise, physical labor, or strenuous sport. It will be normal to feel aches in the two days following the massage, before enjoying all of its benefits. Recommended for chronic ailments such as migraine, hyperactivity, and hypertension.

Prenatal (for pregnant women)

Pregnancy is a time in life when the body changes and physical ailments and discomforts can occur. Relaxation massage has multiple beneficial effects on pregnant women:

• Global relaxation

• Promotes sleep and recovery

• Removes the fatigue felt during pregnancy

• Relief of muscle pain• Energy boost• Release of stress and anxiety

If you are having a normal pregnancy, you can have a massage any time after the first trimester.


If you have a history of miscarriage, high-risk pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, pre-eclampsia, etc., it is essential in these situations to obtain the advice of the doctor or midwife who carries out your pregnancy monitoring.

The Postnatal

To allow you to reclaim your body after giving birth. The arrival of a child brings many changes in your life.

The benefits of a massage after childbirth:

• Recover more quickly from childbirth

• Reduce the baby blues and the risk of postpartum depression

• Allows you to relieve the tensions accumulated over the last few months

Release stress and anxiety, especially if you are sleep deprived

The Hot Stones

The Hot Stones massage is based on several classic massage techniques such as Swedish, Californian, and shiatsu. Heated stones are placed at specific points on the body or slid over the skin with the hands. The heat emanating from the stones provides a unique and comforting sensory experience. Its benefits:

• Relieves muscle pain

• Releases tension

• Improves blood and lymphatic circulation

• Decreases the effects of stress on the body

Caution. The Hot Stones Massage is not recommended for people with eczema, skin infections, varicose veins, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, or immune system deficiency. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised to seek the advice of a doctor before booking this type of massage.

Our massage therapists are members of a professional association and can issue receipts for your private insurance.

Our Massage Therapists

Myrbelle Vincent, kinesitherapy

A graduate of the Academy of Scientific Massage in physiotherapy and passionate about her profession, Myrbelle began her career in 2004 in a Chiropractic Center in Montreal, where she worked for several years. These years of experience have allowed her to see the lasting benefits of this therapy by integrating massage therapy directly into the treatments of another health professional. This combination allowed her to develop a passion and an interest in musculoskeletal problems.From then on, she specialized in myo-skeletal technique and structural myofascial therapy. Very early in her practice, she stood out from her peers with her muscular strength, her deep massages, her personalized treatments and her desire to excel and obtain lasting results. It is known by 2 names given by its customers: hands of a Fairy or hands of IRON. Clients who come to relax call her fairy hands because in her treatments she uses a combination of essential oils with relaxing properties that allow them to let go. While athletes and tense people call it hands of IRON because it uses natural anti-inflammatory creams accompanied by a deep massage to allow stubborn muscles to relax. She continuously deepens her knowledge and perfects herself in prenatal and postnatal care, Chinese and Thai techniques, to name a few. Myrbelle is a member of the professional association Mon Réseau Plus.

Kinesitherapy is a therapy based on movement. It is a therapeutic technique that involves the entire pathology as a holistic system. This technique helps the treated body part to regain a complete range of motions and so, without any pain. Kinesitherapy is an advanced massage therapy technique that employs swedish massage, passive and active mobilisations, as well as different exercises. It is a manual technique because the kinesitherapist uses only its hands and body.

Kinesitherapy can be beneficial if you suffer from joint or muscle pain

The kinesitherapy care begin with an in-depth swedish massage to enhance the blood flow and relieve muscular tensions. Depending on the sore area and the desire effects, the massage can be combined with musculo-articular mobilisations. Those mobilisations are done slowly, following the client’s breathing and always within the joint’s normal range of motion.

Tajhiana M. Rouleau-Surin, Masso-kinesitherapist