Pilates West Island

Offering Pilates for West Island Residents

If you’ve been searching for the perfect studio for Pilates in West Island, look no further than us. Our new state-of-the-art Pilates Bois Franc studio is close by to your home or work in the West Island. Stop by for a rejuvenating workout before or after work. Or, check us out on your way shopping at Montreal’s only IKEA store. This experience is well worth the extra 15-minute drive from your home. Soon, you’ll be on your way to relaxation, ridding you of all the stress in your life. Block out the craziness of everyday life and let our experienced Pilates instructors lead you in a refreshing workout. Come to us for a low-key, personalized relaxation workout that will challenge your mind and body. You’ll be happy to know we limit our class sizes to four people. This means you get privacy and personalized attention. But because there are limited spots, you need to be proactive and register for a class today. There are many convenient times to choose from. Enjoy the best Stott Pilates equipment available, such as V2-Max-Reformer, Cardio-Tramp Rebounder, Pilates Edge and BOSU Balance Trainer. You’ll find us in the prestigious Bois-Franc neighborhood in Montreal, not too far from your home or work. We offer excellent Pilates for West Island residents.

Come on down for a tour of our facilities. Our Pilates Bois Franc studio features a friendly atmosphere, brand new equipment, friendly staff members and professional instructors with many years of experience in Pilates. You’ll enjoy the intimate, private mood of our studio, which offers an escape from the everyday routines that can sap your energy. You get comprehensive Pilates instruction, with every member receiving personal attention. Owner Karine Séguin is a certified STOTT PILATES instructor. Choose from several classes that can accommodate any skill level, from beginner to intermediate. Plus, we are happy to work around your busy schedule.

Select from private, semi-private (2 students), and group sessions. Whether it’s your first time trying Pilates, or you’re no stranger to this workout, you will get the best in efficient instruction to ensure consistent growth in your physical fitness goals through competitive classes. Join Pilates Bois Franc for personalized attention through limited classes that feature no more than four participants. Within this at-home and relaxed atmosphere, you can develop a bond between members and teachers as you get energized in our private studio space. We offer reformer classes, with 4 new reformers for a maximum of 4 students. Now accepting registrations, payable via Visa or MasterCard.

With so many Montreal Pilates studios, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. At Pilates Bois Franc, we take the guesswork out of it for you. We offer the best in Pilates for West Island residents, just minutes away. We are the only ones who can provide such private and seasoned instruction within a calm, relaxing environment. So, come relax with us in a luxurious setting, and choose us for your Pilates instruction.