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Having just opened on October 3, 2012, now is your chance to register with the Pilates Bois Franc studio before membership is filled to capacity. As Pilates in Montreal gains popularity, distinguish yourself by registering with the most desirable Pilates studio in Montreal. Our address at La Grande Place des Bois Franc, Ville St.-Laurent, located in the prestigious Bois-Franc neighborhood on the isle of Montreal, is the perfect setting and one that our Montreal Pilates competitors simply cannot match.

The interior is every bit as desirable as the location; all of the equipment is new, and the studio maintains an intimate, private mood that offers an escape from the everyday. We offer comprehensive Pilates instruction in Montreal, ensuring that every member receives personal attention. Our owner, Karine Séguin, is a certified STOTT PILATES instructor, and she makes sure to accommodate the skill level, personality, and schedule of each member.

Here you’ll find beginner and intermediate classes, and members have the option of selecting private, semi-private (2 students), and group sessions. If you are new to Pilates, you will receive premium, efficient instruction that will ensure consistent growth. If you are a seasoned Pilates veteran, we also offer services to meet your needs and will prove that we are highly competitive as a new Pilates studio in Montreal. Because we place an emphasis on personal attention, we make sure that our group classes consist of no more than 3-4 members. As it is important that students do not feel overcrowded, studio space is limited to 4 students, which creates a close bond between members and between students and teacher. Pilates Bois Franc offers reformer class, with 4 new reformers for a maximum of 4 students at the same time. To attend classes, simply buy a package online using Visa or MasterCard!

There are a number of Montreal Pilates studios, but only Pilates Bois Franc is able to combine a rarified feeling of exclusivity with seasoned instruction. Whether you are just introducing yourself to Pilates in Montreal or are looking for a new studio, we offer a luxurious, relaxing environment and are sure to satisfy.


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